NILETEL is the 4th and youngest telecom operator to enter South Sudan.
The increasing demand for telecom services and data solutions in South Sudan
has created a need for a 4th operator to invest in the country’s infrastructure
and to implement best practices for solid and long-term foundations.
Niletel aims at becoming South Sudan’s most trusted leading telecom operator,
by providing reliable telecommunication products centered on the South Sudanese consumer.
We will invest in our community’s telecom needs to facilitate growth and empower development for a future full of potential and possibilities.

Niletel is rolling out one of the most advanced LTE platforms, to deliver unprecedented voice
and data 4G+/5G services across the South Sudanese market.
Their technologically superior network will ensure the following:

1) Robust and ubiquitous coverage across the country.

2) High capacity to cater for all the market needs and beyond.

3) Reliable, uninterrupted service anywhere anytime in South Sudan.

Furthermore, Niletel platform has been designed to deliver the necessary infrastructure
in the aim of introducing the latest of Telemedicine, e-learning and IoT applications across the country.